Up until now all vehicles have run on either a conventional pneumatic tyre or on a foam-filled tyre, separate from the wheel rim, needing replacement at regular intervals.

Our new innovative wheel design changes all this. Our product is manufactured using a well researched formula of a polyurethane tyre molded and  bonded to a steel rim (using our unique technology).

We are confident that our product will deliver dramatic cost savings over the lifetime of the wheel, coupled with crucial safety benefits.


The replacement wheel which we offer has the following advantages:


  •          No machine downtime due to punctures or cuts

  •          No risk of instant flats

  •          No risk of tyre explosion due to over-or under inflation

  •          No need to monitor tyre pressure

  •          No risk of dislodging wheel components

  •          Longer work life

  •          Responds better to heat than ordinary rubber tyres

  •          Supports more weight



Cost saving for our customers is one of our biggest drivers, but our main focus remains safety. We want to deliver a product that can drastically reduce our customers' risk.

Welcome to Tyson Wheel Technologies

Hi-tech wheel replacements offer a cost saving and safer alternative to Pneumatic tyres

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Tyson Wheel Technologies is owned and managed by several stalwarts of the mining tyre business. The founders  bring among them a total of 80 years experience in the OTR tyre industry coupled with a wealth of business experience

We have done extensive development in order to produce a product that can serve as a safer more reliable, and cost effective alternative to the conventional pneumatic tyre

The Tyson wheel is made from a steel rim to which a solid polyurethane tyre is bonded. Tyson has developed a high quality bonding technique for adhering the tyre to steel - this is crucial for providing wheels that can be relied on to perform well for years in severe working conditions