Products and services

The Tyson wheel consists of a steel rim(manufactured in our factory) to which a solid polyurethane tyre is bonded. Tyson has developed a high quality bonding technique for adhering the tyre to steel - this is crucial for providing wheels that can be relied on to perform well for years in severe working conditions.

The tyre is manufactured using an unique formula developed by Tyson over many years of testing. These tyres:


  • do not chunk or separate under extreme applications;

  • are resilient to high temperature buildup;

  • provide an acceptable level of shock-absorption;

  • provide very high cut and abrasion resistance and durability


Using the Tyson wheel system has been shown to substantially reduce costs, improve safety and increase productivity.



Availability of wheels:

We currently manufacture wheels for all machines used in underground mining. We are capable of producing wheels custom fitted, to suit any request a customer has.


Product durability:

We are confident that in the underground mining sector, our product will last twice as long as any conventional tyre .Ongoing tests conducted at SASOL (Syferfontein) and Anglo (New Denmark) on a Joy Shuttlecar, and a Roofbolter respectively, confirm this and our results are available for your inspection.


Repairs and fitting

The wheel is solid and cannot be cut or punctured and as a consequence clients will save on repair costs.

Customers do the fitting themselves and we assist/advise them in the planning where we can, ultimately minimizing any downtime to as little as possible.


We deliver wheels to customers who fit them on site and we offer:


1.            Product Quality

2.            Product Reliability

3.            Product Performance

4.            A comprehensive Warranty on our products

5.            Local manufacturing and support in South Africa

7.            Competitive Pricing