Polyurethane wheels have been tried and tested in other mining communities, including Australia and Canada. Their effectiveness is in no doubt, but it has proven too expensive to import the wheels into this country. This left an opportunity in our market for us to develop and perfect a product which would work under South African conditions.


Our principal shareholder has, in conjunction with polyurethane specialists, been working on the project since 2008. After extensive research, development and testing, we finally have a product suitable for our market, offering substantial cost savings coupled with essential safety features.


Cost saving for our customers is one of our biggest drivers, but our main focus remains safety. We want to deliver a product that can drastically reduce the risks associated with conventional tyres. 




The replacement wheel which we offer has the following advantages:




  •          No risk of instant flats

  •          No risk of tyre explosion due to over - or under inflation

  •          No risk of tyre failures due to cut - or tear damage

  •          No risk of fire

  •          No need to monitor tyre pressure

  •          No risk of dislodging wheel components

  •          No injuries caused by tyre explosions or dislodging wheel components




  •          Longer work life (Mines lose 50-60% of a conventional tyre's life due to tyre failures)

  •          Higher productivity thanks to no downtime

  •          Supports more weight and

  •          Responds better to heat than ordinary rubber tyres


Cost Saving


  •          Competitive prices

  •          Can be retreaded multiple times

  •          Longer work life means less frequent purchases



All this means is that, for an initial outlay not very different from a conventional tyre purchase, significant cost saving can be achieved over the wheel’s lifetime. 


Tyson Wheels is run and owned by highly respected members of the mining industry with extensive experience in the OTR tyre industry. Our team has been developing the product and building up experience to pass on to you and your business.


Our product offering includes the full range of wheels used by equipment in the mining, industrial and agricultural industries.